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TimeBank Pikes Peak Region

Optional Membership Contribution

Your Pikes Peak Region TimeBanks has decided to do "at-will dues". We want everyone to be able to attend our gatherings no matter their ability to contribute monetarily. Some will use timecredits for extra membership needs and others can help us cover our hard costs via a donation, tip, or by sponsoring an event. We do have expenses and we aim to scale this organization to a 5 or more person paid team, meeting the needs of event space and support via our Colorado Springs Headquarters. We are here championing you and furthering the causes our organization and members care about.

The link below that takes you to our "membership donation" button allows you to give one time, monthly, or yearly. This is our fiscal sponsor so your donations are tax deductible. Other opportunities are on our website, these opportunities include sponsoring a fundraising event for the TimeBanks, hiring us to help you get more activity to your event or fundraising opportunity, purchasing products that fund our missions, and anything else we can imagine.

When we are at an event spreading the word about we will have a scan code and tip jar available to those who want to support us during those times too. If you would like to help at such an event please call or text Samantha Sargent at 719-310-9211 or through the system of TimeBanks. We hope you already have your free membership, if not we can also help you with that.

Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you at our monthly potluck breakfast or dinner, orientation, gathering with a purpose, movie night, or other event.